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Hello! We want to extend a warm welcome to our fellow listeners of the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast and friends of Ethan Waldman! We’re so glad you found us and are passionate about all aspects of the tiny house lifestyle. Your build, where you put the tiny home, saving money, and finding the right community are so important but many things are also overlooked like TINY HOME INSURANCE. If you’re interested in a deep dive on tiny home insurance, don’t miss our CEO Martin’s interview on the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast:

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Getting to know more about tiny home insurance:

Dwelling – This is the value of your tiny home if it gets destroyed. We typically see ranges from 25,000 to 125,000 and sometimes larger tiny homes. If you buy it from a builder the price of purchase is usually the Coverage A limit. Add any solar panels you have mounted on the home to this value! This should include all the built-in appliances.

Other Structures – You went primitive and got an outhouse, you built a deck for your tiny home to rest on, or you have an awesome barn on your property. Put it here. We can do up to $50,000.

Contents – Clothes, pots, pans, the 68” flat screen TV you mounted on the wall, the cool speakers you are hanging as art and your mattress.

Replacement Cost for Contents – You have a catastrophe. Do you want a new replacement couch or a garage sale couch? Need I say more?

Theft of Contents – We can offer up to $3,000 in theft coverage for your stuff.

Theft of Tiny Home – If you are worried about your tiny home getting stolen then you need this! We provide a tracker and while you’re sipping your wine at the next Jamboree you can panic when it notifies you that your TINY is on the move.

Trip Endorsement – You plan on driving around to all the festivals this year. You need to be covered on the road! Trip endorsement does it.

Liability – Raging party on the roof deck of the tiny and it collapses! Yikes. Liability steps in to cover it. This protects you against lawsuits!!

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August-September we're taking suggestions for where $5 for each insurance policy issued will go to a tiny home non-profit! For more details email Taylor@mystrategicinsurance.com.

Other Insurance Options:



Business Insurance

  • General Liability

  • Business Owners Policies (BOP)

  • Renters

  • Landlord

  • Commercial Vehicle

  • Umbrella

  • Errors and Omissions

  • Professional Liability

  • Employment Practices Liability

  • Builder’s Risk

  • Workers Compensation

  • Property

  • Crime

  • Cyber

  • Inland Marine


Personal Insurance:

  • Homeowners

  • Renters

  • Jewelry

  • Mobile/Modular Homes

  • Tiny Homes

  • Course of Construction

  • Autos

  • Motorcycles

  • Recreational Vehicles

  • ATV’s

  • Boats

  • Umbrella

  • Life

  • Identity Theft

  • Travel